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The Harvest

The Harvest

Our Team of Expert Wine Makers1

At Honker Hill Winery, grape harvesting is an artistry our dedicated team of experts perfected. With years of collective experience, our skilled vineyard team meticulously tends to the vineyards, ensuring optimal grape ripening for the finest wine production. Harvesting is a labor of love, where each grape is handpicked at its peak, reflecting the terroir of our Southern Illinois vineyards. Our seasoned winemakers, steeped in years of expertise, orchestrate the harvest with precision, transforming these carefully selected grapes into exquisite wines. It’s a harmonious collaboration of nature and expertise, a testament to the commitment Honker Hill Winery has to craft wines of unparalleled quality and distinctive character. From the vine to the bottle, our team’s dedication shines through, creating a wine experience that embodies the unique flavors of Southern Illinois.

Southern Illinois Wine

In Southern Illinois, the terroir imparts a distinctive character to our wines, creating a flavor profile that captivates the senses. The region’s unique climate, with warm days and cool nights, fosters grape maturation, ensuring a harmonious balance of sugars and acidity. The diverse soil compositions, ranging from limestone to loam, contribute nuanced flavors to the grapes. This terroir-driven approach, coupled with the dedication of local winemakers, results in wines that boast a complexity and richness reflective of Southern Illinois’ terroir. Each sip tells the story of the land, climate, and the passion infused into every bottle by our team at Honker Hill Winery.

Honker Hill Wine Harvest
H o n k e r H i l l W i n e r y

Our Wine Selection

Scott Albert - winemaker at honker hill

Scott Albert - Winemaker

Scott Albert, the artisanal winemaker at Honker Hill Winery, is a maestro in transforming grapes into liquid poetry. With a deep-rooted passion for winemaking and a commitment to quality, Scott brings decades of expertise to our vineyards. His intuitive understanding of the Southern Illinois terroir ensures that each bottle tells a nuanced story of the land. From meticulous grape selection to the artful blending of flavors, Scott’s craftsmanship shines through, creating wines that resonate with both connoisseurs and novices alike. Under Scott’s guidance, Honker Hill Winery continues to thrive, producing wines that embody the essence of Southern Illinois in every sip.

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Every year our team is dedicated to bringing you the finest wines in Southern Illinois. This year was no different.

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